Trees for Survival

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Rotary Club of Auckland East is a keen supporter of the Trees For Survival project.  Club member Dennis Millard is now the National Manager of the Trees for Survival Charitable Trust.
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Covid Food Run

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A team lead by Sam Mukhtar have been assisting the Salvation Army by making food deliveries to needy families in locations as far flung as Onehunga, Mt Wellington, Penrose, Pakuranga and Panmure.
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RYLA Awardees

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President Derek and District Youth Services Representative Ian Willetts are pictured here with our sponsored Rotary Youth Leadership Awardees  at the Final RYLA  Dinner, Perzaan Mehta, Haider Janjua and Jordan Hurinui.
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Firewood Project

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The picture shows some club members at a recent project, harvesting windblown trees for a firewood project.
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Tamaki Driver Training Car

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After a concerted effort, and donations from a Give a Little page, the Club is proud to have become the major sponsor for the new Driver Training Vehicle at Tamaki College.
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Another Winner off to Ohio

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After achieving 3rd place at our Eastern Suburbs heat, Kaythi Finn of St. Kentigern Girls School swept the field to become New Zealand Super Stock Soap Box Champion.
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Top Schools a Winner

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Top Schools is a fun sports day run by Rotary Club of Auckland East for primary school students in the Eastern Suburbs of Auckland. It is open in two grades for teams comprising years 3 and 4 students, or years 5 and 6 students
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RYDA Teaches Driving Skills

Rotary Club of Auckland East has been actively involved with the local Rotary Road Safety Education Programme through funding and on site manpower support.

The  programme aims to provide essential road safety skills training to young drivers to help ensure that when they commence driving, they have had the best road safety preparation possible.  It targets Year 11 students and consists of lectures by highly qualified road safety experts.

The Program has been developed and updated in consultation with Government authorities having responsibility for Roads and Education, Health and the Police. Councils, the business and philanthropic community support the Program.

Students contribute to the costs, but Rotary assistance is available in cases of hardship so that no student is denied the opportunity of attending the course.

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